JOOQ MySQL/MariaDB and the duplicate column name

Hit a interesting issue today using MariaDB with JOOQ. I have a project that can be configured to use different underlying databases depending on client requirements and I use JOOQ to simplify this for me. One of the tables are structured as follow:

Dagger 2 Maven Config

Just a quick post on how to setup Dagger 2 with maven to compile without messing with eclipse settings. Just remember to include target/generated-sources to your class-path.

RuntimeException: wrong class format

I have a very old project still running on Jboss 6 AS, it has been on the TODO list to write but since it is of low importance, only used internally and it just works.

Hibernate fetching strategies

Fetching strategies are used to optimize the SQL generated by Hibernate. Using Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tools does have a overhead for the all the benefits it provides but this can be reduced by understanding it.

Enable SQL log in MySQL/MariaDB

When using a ORM like hibernate it is always a good idea to check what SQL is generated/executed. This is how you enable a log of the SQL executed on the MySQL/MariaDB server:

Jetty Embedded adding CORS Filter

How to add Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) filter to a embedded Jetty server. Jetty comes with a CORS filter that is easy to use. Add the following to you maven:

MySQL/MariaDB data not available in second application

This is a interesting issue I found using Hibernate. You have 2 independent application both using the same database. What I found that if one application submits a value to the database the second application does not see the updated/new entry. If you use direct SQL on the database the changed/new entry is visible and the same is true if you use the JDBC directly without hibernate.