JOOQ MySQL/MariaDB and the duplicate column name

Hit a interesting issue today using MariaDB with JOOQ. I have a project that can be configured to use different underlying databases depending on client requirements and I use JOOQ to simplify this for me. One of the tables are structured as follow:

Dagger 2 Maven Config

Just a quick post on how to setup Dagger 2 with maven to compile without messing with eclipse settings. Just remember to include target/generated-sources to your class-path.

Hibernate fetching strategies

Fetching strategies are used to optimize the SQL generated by Hibernate. Using Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tools does have a overhead for the all the benefits it provides but this can be reduced by understanding it.

Enable SQL log in MySQL/MariaDB

When using a ORM like hibernate it is always a good idea to check what SQL is generated/executed. This is how you enable a log of the SQL executed on the MySQL/MariaDB server:

Jetty Embedded adding CORS Filter

How to add Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) filter to a embedded Jetty server. Jetty comes with a CORS filter that is easy to use. Add the following to you maven:

MySQL/MariaDB data not available in second application

This is a interesting issue I found using Hibernate. You have 2 independent application both using the same database. What I found that if one application submits a value to the database the second application does not see the updated/new entry. If you use direct SQL on the database the changed/new entry is visible and the same is true if you use the JDBC directly without hibernate.